UTAU Group TEOVloid

welcome to the official site for the TEOVloids!

What is UTAU Group TEOVloid?

UTAU Group TEOVloid are a group of 2 UTAUs developed by TEOV and powered by UTAU.

the two UTAUs are work in process Bilingual UTAUs. Meaning; not only will they be ebel to sing japanese but in the future also english and maybe a couple of other languages!

Aiko Nyoko (アイコニョコ)

A low-ish female voice with the range of E3 to C5 with average feguency of D4

Aiko Taipu (アイコタイプ)

A high-ish female voice with the range of E3 to F5 with average frequency of F#4


the Voicebanks of TEOV are powerd using UTAU , a free vocal synthesis software. You can download it at the links below